JES Spool Viewing and -Management Solution

Manage and Control the JES Spool and the Entire JES Environment

OMC-FLASH™ is the premier high-performance solution to manage and control both JES2 and JES3 environments – including jobs, output, devices, resources, workflow, and operations – All with one powerful JES-neutral solution.
Using the intuitive OMC-FLASH ISPF interface, you’ll personalize your job and output displays to better control JES job processing, and rapidly locate and process critical JES spooled output so you can work smarter and get more done.
Through OMC-FLASH™, you’ll control WLM scheduling environments and resources, view JES control blocks and the SYSPLEX-wide OPERLOG, and manage your initiators, printers, and DJC NETS to optimize your entire JES2 and JES3 operational environment – all through the OMC-FLASH interface that’s easily customized to fit your job role and needs.

OMC-FLASH™ is the premier solution for:

  1. Comprehensive job and output control across the JES2 and JES3 environment
  2. Powerful operations management across both JES2 and JES3
  3. In-depth management of JES2 and JES3 resources and processing

OMC-FLASH™ Provides High Performance JES2 and JES3 Spool Interaction

OMC-FLASH™ utilizes a high performance JES2 and JES3 data collection strategy to retrieve and display requested JES spooled output up to 85% faster and more efficiently than other solutions, without copying, respooling, or additional DASD.
In addition, OMC-FLASH™ is specifically designed to optimize interaction with JES2 and JES3, delivering the requested data with minimal CPU and system I/O to provide the most efficient, effective JES Spool Viewing and Management Solution available today.

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