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Manage and Automate Dynamic Allocation of STEPLIBs and ISPF Libraries

DYNA-STEP™ is the premier solution to manage and automate dynamic allocation of STEPLIB and ISPF libraries to save time, reduce maintenance, and save system resources.
Using DYNA-STEP™, the TSO/ISPF configuration can be altered dynamically at any time to any new configuration, or to access any application or multiple applications within the users’ ISPF session or at TSO Ready.
With DYNA-STEP™, allocation of STEPLIB datasets is removed from the LOGON procedure, reducing the need to manually update and maintain numerous TSO Logon procedures, and eliminating repetitive LOGON and LOGOFF actions to switch between test and production environments or applications.
The results include fewer and more efficient LOGON PROCs, reduced user LOGON time, and reduced library search time – which adds up to increased user service levels and significant dollar savings.

DYNA-STEP™ Cuts Costs and Increases User and System Productivity

DYNA-STEP™ is used in many large z/OS environments around the world to automate allocation of key STEPLIB and ISPF libraries, dramatically reducing system I/O and contention on STEPLIB volumes, and eliminating much of the overhead associated with TSO operations.
Authorized DYNA-STEP users gain efficient, direct access to multiple STEPLIBs, product versions, ISPF libraries and DB2 subsystems, all without leaving their ISPF split screen session.
For z/OS shops striving to control resource consumption and boost efficiency, DYNA-STEP improves overall system performance, increases user productivity, and provides key benefits:

  1. Faster TSO LOGONS that save time and boost productivity
  2. Faster response times in most ISPF applications
  3. Less maintenance associated with numerous LOGON PROCs
  4. Expedited testing and application upgrade cycles
  5. Reduced system resource consumption
  6. Real dollar savings from improved user and system Efficiency
DYNA-STEP is a flexibility tool essential to any z/OS and DB2 installation. It enables users to switch between different subsystems transparently to speed testing and expedite upgrades, while also saving system resources and enhancing user productivity. No data center should be without DYNA-STEP.”
Data Center Director, Global Financial Corporation

DYNA-STEP™ Provides a Solid Alternative to Replace Unsupported Tools

DYNA-STEP™ provides immediate relief for TSOPLUS users with the AIA facility that transparently replaces the TSOPLUS On Demand Application (ODA) feature, as well as dynamic STEPLIB allocation capabilities that painlessly replace embedded TSOPLUS STEPLIBX allocations.
Further, DYNA-STEP™ supports extended allocations and ISPF library management, and provides a seamless TSOPLUS transition experience through straightforward TSOPLUS migration aids that eliminate the need for manual conversions.

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