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Software Solutions

JES Spool Management

Spool Viewing and -Management Solution
Manage and Control the JES Spool and the Entire JES Environment
OMC-FLASH™ is the premier high-performance solution to manage and control both JES2 and JES3 environments […]

Host Output Management

Host VTAM Output and Print Management
OMC-PRINT™ is the nucleus of OMC enterprise-wide output management, providing high performance host output routing from the JES spool directly to local and remote […]

Library Management

Manage and Automate Dynamic Allocation of STEPLIBs and ISPF Libraries
DYNA-STEP™ is the premier solution to manage and automate dynamic allocation of STEPLIB and ISPF libraries to save time, reduce […]

Host Console Automation

Automated Command Center
A Powerful Automation Technology
ACC™ outperforms typical host console automation solutions, providing unique Automation Specific Intelligence™ which utilizes powerful ACC Directors and Probes to automate all console, system, […]

TSOPLUS Replacement


STEPLIB-Rx™ Replaces Key TSOPLUS™ Functionality Painlessly
Many z/OS mainframe installations must now take action to transition away from the unsupported TSOPLUS product, which was deemed “end of life” by CA […]