Anaheim California, January 5th, 2016:

TONE Software is pleased to announce that Laret Melsch Systems GmbH is now the exclusive Distributor for the marketing, sales, and technical support of the TONE Software products in Germany effective January 1st, 2016.
TONE has selected Laret Melsch Systems as the ideal partner to market and support TONE products based on their in-depth expertise with the TONE software technology, and the valuable long-term relationship between the Laret Melsch Systems principals and TONE. This long-term relationship uniquely positions Laret Melsch Systems to deliver unparalleled TONE technical product expertise to your organization, and to serve your ongoing needs.
Effective immediately, the support for all TONE Software products will be exclusively provided through the Laret Melsch Systems offices in Germany. Laret Melsch Systems provides 24×7 technical support for those TONE product users who wish to arrange comprehensive, around the clock technical services.

About TONE

TONE SOFTWARE CORPORATION is a high technology software development firm providing innovative enterprise-wide business computing solutions to Fortune 1000 companies around the world. Based in Anaheim, California, TONE SOFTWARE is a privately owned technology company that answers to customers, not shareholders.
With a firm foundation of proven ability spanning more than three decades, TONE has built a reputation for delivering premier software solutions and exceptional customer service and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
With a corporate focus on quality and service, TONE continues to develop, market, and support strategic solutions that address the critical needs of today’s IT organizations in the areas of cross-platform output management, distributed systems management and automation, host system productivity tools, and telecommunications management.