Host VTAM and TCP/IP Network Print Management

Output and Print Management

OMC-PRINT is the nucleus of OMC enterprise-wide output management, providing high performance host output routing from the JES spool directly to local and remote VTAM print devices throughout the VTAM print network. The powerful OMC-PRINT engine also delivers output to distributed destinations and print devices throughout the enterprise when combined with additional OMC components.

OMC-PRINT utilizes a unique routing design which routes output directly from the JES spool to target devices without staging and respooling, eliminating the performance degradation and resource consumption typically encountered when staging or respooling output prior to printing.

As the core of OMC enterprise-wide output management, OMC-PRINT provides the on-line, interactive Command Display Facility to define and control all OMC managed print devices and output processing across all platforms. Through easy to use panels and pop-up menus, the Command Display Facility continuously provides complete status of all print jobs and devices, serving as a consolidated cross-platform print management interface to both IS personnel and authorized end users.

OMC-PRINT Topology Overview

Dynamic Network Configuration and -Management

The Command Display Facility enables IS departments to quickly and easily implement and customize output and print routing criteria for both the Host and distributed environment without affecting Host job processing or JCL parameters. Once defined, IS personnel and authorized users can dynamically change out routing criteria or print destinations at any time, permanently or temporarily, to effectively manage an evolving cross-platform print network.

Extensive Output Routing and Print Flexibility

OMC-PRINT provides maximum flexibility in selecting, processing, and routing output with support for most VTAM, PC, LAN/WAN, or TCP/IP addressable destinations and print devices. With full support for third party graphic print packages, portrait/landscape laser printing, and IPDS data printing, OMC-PRINT delivers the most powerful, flexible Host output management solution available.


Host To TCP/IP Print Routing

As more and more users reside on distributed systems utilizing client/server applications, the need to route output across platforms and support distributed print devices is growing tremendously. OMC-TCP/IP™ enables IS departments to bridge the gap between the Host and distributed systems, extending output routing and print management throughout the entire computing environment.

Utilizing standard connectivity schemes and protocols, OMC-TCPIP™ can be quickly and easily deployed within the data center’s existing network environment to immediately route output between the Host and PCs, LANs, WANs and TCP/IP addressable destinations and print devices anywhere in the enterprise.

OMC-PRINT Customer

OMC – Flexible Cross-Platform Output- and Print Management

OMC-TCP/IP provides transparent output routing from the Host through either the IBM or INTERLINK TCP/IP network to any standard LPR/LPD on any platform. Utilizing Domain Name Services to perform dynamic Host name resolution, OMC-TCP/IP eliminates the need for local Host tables or dotted IP addresses when defining and maintaining a growing network of TCP/IP print destinations. In addition, OMC-TCP/IP enables Internet output routing to remote Internet-attached printers to further extend OMC enterprise-wide printing to destinations around the globe.


OMC-TCP/IP provides a comprehensive Host to TCP/IP print routing solution, including:

  • Output transmission directly between the JES spool and TCP/IP networks without staging or respooling to save system resources and enhance print routing performance
  • Online interactive user preview and control of output via the OMC Command Display Facility
  • Printer definition and network configuration using established symbolic printer and computer names – not numeric dotted IP codes
  • Data compression of imbedded blanks to enhance routing performance


Online Print Preview Facility

Many expanding IS departments are working to “right-size” hard copy print processing, seeking an on-line method to determine the output which should proceed to print, be further processed, or perhaps discarded. OMC-VIEW provides an on-line, interactive, interface to preview and control the output of OMC managed jobs awaiting print, enabling users to immediately determine if the output awaiting print is satisfactory or desired.

OMC-VIEW provides full interactive control of print disposition directly from the on-line viewing interface and includes forward and backward spacing, find commands, copy capabilities, and fully customizable viewing security for all output processed.

OMC-PRINT Topology View

Virtual Network Interface

OMC-VNI™ serves as a virtual network interface which integrates legacy application and TP monitor output into an overall enterprise-wide output management strategy. Routing and printing output from many legacy applications and TP monitors such as CICS and IMS is limited to a single hard- coded print device, restricting this critical output from efficiently print management or cross-platform output routing.

OMC-VNI™ acts as a virtual printer, emulating hard-coded print destinations found in transactions and applications and efficiency sending this output to the JES spool for management via OMC. No reprogramming or application changes are necessary, allowing all TP monitors and application output to be transparently printed at any VTAM, PC, LAN/WAN or TCP/IP addressable destination and print device defined to OMC.

The powerful OMC components provide unparalleled performance and flexibility, extensive output and device control, and the most efficient, cost-effective enterprise output management solution available anywhere.

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