TSO Performance Management Solution for z/OS

TRX Cuts TSO Workloads and Enhances TSO Performance

TRX is a comprehensive TSO management solution that reduces TSO resource consumption, makes TSO more useful, and enhances TSO performance.

Using TRX, z/OS installations can improve response times, reduce system overhead, and improve the productivity of TSO users.

Through TRX, ISPF libraries are opened only when needed, wasted LINKLIST searches when using ISPLLIB or STEPLIB are eliminated, and the I/O associated with ISPPROF processing is drastically reduced.

TRX Enhances z/OS TSO Performance

TRX Administration
  • Centralized allocation speeds logon processing
  • Incore directory for LLA provides access to all system libraries
  • ISPPROF cache saves 15 I/Os per application switch
  • VTOC cache saves 10-20 I/Os per CLIST execution
  • Directed search eliminates wasted module lookups
  • Application triggers eliminate LIBDEFs and save resources

TRX Simplifies Administration

  • Make products available without changing logon procs or CLISTs
  • Provides Dynamic STEPLIB to eliminate LINKLIST updates
  • Component trace shows dialog components and displays their origin
  • CLIST tracing displays execution steps
  • Update log shows who changed a PDS member
  • JCL logging saves all submitted JCL
  • Delivers ability to Browse/Edit current panel with 3 keystrokes

TRX is simple to implement, and is a valuable tool for improving TSO performance and reducing CPU and I/O usage in z/OS environments.

Evaluate TRX in Your Shop – See for yourself how TRX will increase productivity in your z/OS environment.