Replaces Key TSOPLUS™ Functionality Painlessly

STEPLIB-Rx™ Replaces Key TSOPLUS™ Functionality Painlessly

Many z/OS mainframe installations must now take action to transition away from the unsupported TSOPLUS product, which was deemed “end of life” by CA Technologies in 2010.

To address this growing need, Tone’s new STEPLIB-Rx technology has been specifically designed to provide an easy to deploy alternative that replaces key functionality of the TSOPLUS™ product, including the STEPLIBX Dynamic STEPLIB allocation capabilities and the on-demand application facility in wide use by TSOPLUS™ installations.

DYNA-STEP Kollegen

STEPLIB-Rx by Tone Software is the expert solution to manage and automate dynamic allocation of STEPLIB libraries to save time, reduce maintenance, and save system resources. Using STEPLIB-Rx, the STEPLIB configuration can be altered dynamically at any time to any new configuration, or to access any application within a user’s ISPF session.

STEPLIB-Rx Increases User Productivity and System Efficiency

With STEPLIB-Rx™, allocation of STEPLIB datasets is removed from the LOGON procedure, reducing the need to manually update and maintain numerous TSO Logon procedures, and eliminating repetitive LOGON and LOGOFF actions to switch between test and production environments or applications.

As a result, STEPLIB-Rx provides key benefits including:

  • Faster TSO LOGONS that save time and boost productivity
  • Faster response times in most ISPF applications
  • Less maintenance associated with numerous LOGON PROCs
  • Expedited testing and application upgrade cycles
  • Reduced system resource consumption
  • Real dollar savings from improved user and system Efficiency

A Seamless Transition Path – No Manual Conversions Required

TSOPLUS™ shops with STEPLIBX dynamic allocations imbedded in numerous CLISTs and REXX Execs no longer need to tackle the time consuming, error prone task of editing or converting the existing allocations throughout their entire environment.

Tone’s STEPLIB-Rx solution includes utilities to seamlessly transition the existing TSOPLUS environment to the new STEPLIB-Rx technology by intelligently translating the existing STEPLIBX allocations imbedded in the environment. As a result, users are not required to perform lengthy or complex manual conversions or re-implementations to transition from TSOPLUS to Tone’s STEPLIB-Rx solution.

The need for a fully supported STEPLIB solution has never been greater as many mainframe shops face the end of their legacy maintenance terms for the unsupported TSOPLUS™ software from CA.
Tone’s STEPLIB-Rx solution expertly fills this void with key capabilities specifically designed to make the transition painless for the systems programming staff, and transparent to the TSO and ISPF user communities within these busy z/OS shops.

STEPLIB-Rx Delivers Extensive STEPLIB Management

STEPLIB-Rx enables each TSO and ISPF user to dynamically allocate and free STEPLIB datasets at any time. The datasets allocated using STEPLIB-Rx function as actual STEPLIB datasets, just as those specified in users’ TSO LOGON procedures.

STEPLIB-Rx allows authorized users to:

  • Automate STEPLIB allocation through startup CLISTS and REXX Execs to provide concurrent access to multiple product versions and transparent access to both test and production systems from one ISPF session.
  • Dynamically allocate up to 128 datasets to DDNAME STEPLIB.
  • Issue STEPLIB commands directly from the ISPF session, and allocate separate STEPLIBs in each of the 32 ISPF split screens independently of other split screens or TSO READY.
  • Dynamically alter allocations and override standard library assignments to concurrently access multiple application versions across both test and production, to expedite testing and migration to production.
  • Dynamically create new STEPLIBs and/or insert libraries at any position into an existing STEPLIB concatenation.
  • Execute “Push and Pop” commands, allowing multiple STEPLIB concatenation sequences to be temporarily saved and restored anytime during the session.

Datasets allocated by STEPLIB-Rx are searched in the order concatenated by STEPLIB-Rx. If the member is not found in the STEPLIB-Rx specified libraries, then the LPALIB and the LINKLIST datasets are searched.

STEPLIB-Rx Options Deliver Maximum Flexibility

STEPLIB-Rx provides the ability to replace an existing STEPLIB environment or modify existing concatenations. STEPLIB-Rx retains library authorization and includes unit and volume operands in case the specified dataset is uncataloged. Numerous optional parameters allow authorized users to create the perfect dynamic STEPLIB environment for high productivity.

STEPLIB-Rx Provides Full Security

STEPLIB-Rx allocates standard OS partitioned datasets, allowing complete compatibility with popular security packages including CA-ACF2, CA-TOP SECRET, and RACF. This enables installations to restrict user access to libraries as STEPLIB datasets.

Test Multiple Software Versions Side by Side with the Unique STEPLIB-Rx RENT Command

STEPLIB-Rx™ enables authorized users to concurrently run multiple copies of identically named reentrant load modules, each in a separate ISPF screen. Through this unique capability, users can significantly speed upgrades of key applications and tools, such as QMF, DB2 or SAS.

Simply adding the RENT keyword to your existing STEPLIB-Rx command invocations is all it takes to gain access to multiple copies of the same load modules from different libraries on different ISPF screens. Users can then easily test new releases and multiple software versions side by side with current versions.

STEPLIB-Rx™ Fully Supports All Levels of z/OS

STEPLIB-Rx is certified and supports the latest z/OS operating system releases. In addition, SMP/E-based compliant installation and maintenance is provided for STEPLIB-Rx™. Further, TONE actively participates in the IBM System z ISV Program to test and certify STEPLIB-Rx™ on new IBM operating system releases before they become generally available.