OMC-FLASH Release 5.0.0 – New Features and Enhancements


In the JES2 MAS, OMC-FLASH 5.0.0 displays information about members of a JESPLEX, enabling users to:

  • Display active jobs on other JES2 systems
  • Browse active jobs on other JES2 systems
  • Display Health Checker data and process line commands for Health checker data executing on other JES2 systems
  • Display PROCLIB data and process line commands for PROCLIB data sets on other JES2 systems
  • Display USS data and process line commands for USS processes executing on other JES2 systems
  • Display Initiator data and process line commands for INIT data on other JES2 systems

The Jobname Selection Panel (JSP) Browse line command shows all data for active jobs for the other systems, and the JSP Expand command displays the Dataset Index Panel (DIP) with accurate line counts and other information for jobs active on other systems in the JES2 MAS.

JES2 Resource Monitoring Display

The RES primary command displays the JES2 Resource panel, which is a dynamic table panel displaying rows for each JES2 resource or control block, including the current utilization and the maximum utilization.

Line commands and input columns allow modification of values and options. The REXX interface supports GET and MODIFY functions for each row, and the FLASHSAF/FLASHXIT allows restriction of this facility.

OMC-FLASH™ 5.0.0 - JES Monitoring Display

Job Correlator Display for JES2 and JES3

The Job Correlator value assigned to a job is now available in the Jobname Selection Panel display, and includes the following:

  • 32 byte System Correlator assigned by the system.
  • 32 byte User Correlator assigned via the UJOBCORR parameter on the JOB statement.

JES2 and JES3 JOB CLASS Information Display

A new JOBCLASS primary command displays all JOBCLASS data available from the current JESPLEX.

It contains all information currently available for the JES where OMC-FLASH is running, whether JES2 or JES3. The new JOBCLASS display provides the line command ‘I‘ (Information).

OMC-FLASH™ 5.0.0 - JES2-JES3 JOB CLASS Information Display

The new JES2 and JES3 JOB CLASS Information Display

OMC-FLASH™ 5.0.0 - JES2-JES3 JOB CLASS Information Display - Line Command I

With the Line Command ‘I’ detailed information are displayed.

The command is available on all screens offering a ‘FACILITIES’ pull down menu, and modification is allowed, depending on the FLASHSAF/FLASHXIT specifications and system limitations.

Fields for which JES does not allow modification (e.g. CLASS name) are displayed as OUTPUT fields; all other fields are displayed as INPUT fields. When the user overtypes an INPUT field that the FLASHSAF/FLASHXIT routines allow, the appropriate JES command will be built and issued. The JES command, and any output from the command, may be viewed in the USERLOG.

JES2 and JES3 Spool Volume Display

The Spool Volume display will show all existing Spool Partitions under either JES2 or JES3 and has a common look under both JES2 and JES3. The fixed portion will display the totals for all Partitions, and the ‘S’ or ‘E’ line command can be used to request a display of the Extents for a Partition. When a Spool Migration is in process, the migration fields will be displayed.

OMC-FLASH™ 5.0.0 - JES2-JES3 Spool Volume Display

Expanded OPERLOG Selection and Filtering Criteria

The OPERLOG panel now provides additional parameters for selecting output by the following criteria:

OMC-FLASH™ 5.0.0 - OPERLOG View Session - Filter
  • Select text by patterns
  • Exclude text by patterns
  • Exclude Job Names
  • Start and End text patterns
  • Display data such as lines before text pattern
  • Display data such as lines after text pattern

JES2 Service Class Column Added for Active Jobs in the INIT Display

A JES2 Service Class column is added and displayed for each active job in the JES2 INIT panel, and the ability to modify the service class is included. FLASHSAF/FLASHXIT entry points can be utilized to restrict column modification.

Jobstep Information from SMF30 in JES2 Spool (Eventlog)

The STEPDATA-EVENTLOG Display shows all the available records for a job, including SMF30 types 1 (Job start), 4 (Step end) for each step, 5 (Job end) and STEPDATA records. The EVENTLOG/STEPDATA feature is accessed by using the new ST line command from the JSP (Job Selection Panel).

STEPDATA-Eventlog Display

Conversion Facility for OMC-FLASH JES3 to OMC-FLASH JES2

The conversion facility automatically migrates the users’ Dynamic Display Panel profiles for CONFIG, FILTER, and LAYOUT from OMC-FLASH JES3 to the corresponding fields in OMC-FLASH JES2.

During product initialization for a user (not the server), the user’s saved CONFIG, FILTER, and LAYOUT information is migrated to the ‘new’ JES, if it doesn’t already exist. A message is issued during startup which will indicate which CONFIG, FILTER, or LAYOUT settings have been migrated. No automated migration of Site defaults is performed.